I hate when people don't pay me money that they owe me, and I've learned that there really isn't much you can do about it. Taking people to court is a waste of time and money. So I've decided to create a website that lists all of the people who owe me money and all of their information (phone, e-mail, website, etc.), so that when they are Googled, they will be found on this website. If you are thinking about lending these people money or doing business with them, you better think twice!

As of October 9, 2015, here is my list:

Muhammad Haris Siddiqui owes my friend $2600.00 from unpaid rent and fines (10/15). He trashed the apartment and left drugs and drug paraphernalia in the unit. Here is Haris’s information::

Brian Komorous owes me $135.00 from a trip to Vegas (7/08) and here is Brian's information:

T's Tax Service owes my company $285.67 (4/5/07) for hardware and work performed and here is their information:

Brianne Donbar owes me $103.00 from NYE (12/31/01) and here is her information:

Douglas Davidson owes me $250 (1/08) for the remaining amount of money from a legal retainer and here is his information:

CBeyond owes my company $1,000 (12/16/07) for vendor installations and here is their information:

Brent Young owes my company $80 (12/4/06) for work performed and here is his information: